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Elections are a battle of ideas - the side that persuades, prevails. The place where these ideas collide, where debate happens, is today's public square: the Internet. Winning the debate where traditional and social media comes together, can mean winning at the polls.

SOLV Political is a set of tools that help campaigns understand the Internet, and apply this intelligence through media buying and strategy, and defensive techniques.

Our approach analyses the complete internet in a given geography - city, region or national level. By taking in the complete mobile, social, entertainment and news media picture, trends can be analysed, opportunities spotted, audiences segmented and threats uncovered. The modules that make up SOLV Political benefit from interconnectivity. Intelligence tells us what to say and who to say it to; where to tell our story and how it might be received.

Our modular approach supports both offense and defense, spotting opportunities and unveiling threats.


Our intelligence outputs are made up of two main components. The first is an analysis of online media consumption within the given target population. This can be at a national scale or tailored to the needs of the candidate. The second component is online polls and surveys that get direct answers to voting intention or questions raised through the analysis of media consumption.

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SOLV for Public Safety

Supercharge your investigations by reaching thousands of people

SOLV is a two-way messaging platform. It allows for messages to be broadcast to any device in a specific area (like zip or post codes) to thousands of people in a short time.

The system allows for the public to respond (anonymously if they wish) with timely and important contributions to police and emergency operations.

SOLV also has clear utility for government organisations across different emergency and crisis preparedness scenarios.

It operates on demand - there are no subscription or sign-on fees, or minimum spends.

Built for Public Safety

SOLV gives Public Safety officials access to the powerful communication tools used successfully in the commercial world.

SOLV makes communication with your public faster and more efficient.

SOLV provides the tools that modern emergency services needs.

No prior digital skills required

  1. You set up your message using the appropriate template form.
  2. SOLV sends your message to the targeted area and audience you have specified.
  3. SOLV automatically generates a unique and secure webpage for the public to pass information back to you.
  4. You are immediately advised of all responses.
  5. All the relevant information is maintained for you to access at any time.

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