Mixed Reality Training

Mixed reality blends the physical and digital worlds empowering you to interpret and interrogate digital information freely. Navigate through and interact with your environment intuitively using gaze, gesture and voice commands. This fully immersive experience provides the perfect platform for training.


The S.W.A.T.S. simulation application is much more than an interactive shooter simulation, it compels trainees to make decisions in a pressured environment improving both critical thinking and decision-making, whilst accessing the appropriate use of force.

S.W.A.T.S. merges the real and virtual world together in a mixed reality space. In this space, real life objects are still visible and Artificial Intelligence (AI) characters are represented as realistic Computer-Generated Images (CGI) that are superimposed into the scene and can interact and walk around the space, behaving as if they were there. The flexibility of this system allows for any real-life environment to be used for training such as supermarkets, airports, ships, airplanes, schools etc. Training on location adds a variety of benefits and with the S.W.A.T.S. system, many of the current issues of training on location are minimized such as property damages and hazards to actors.

Multi-User Experience

S.W.A.T.S. provides a multi-user experience so users can practice in teams of up to 19 simultaneously and interact with other users and AI in the mission. The multi-user eco-system utilises two main roles, a supervisor and trainee, where the supervisor is responsible for creating the mission and can spectate the mission live without interfering. While the trainees actively participate in the completion of the mission. Trainees can be assigned teams by the supervisor, allowing them to fulfill a variety of roles in the mission such as Blue Force, Red Force or Civilian, this also allows for mixed human and AI teams.

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Interactive digital objects can be incorporated into your real world environments meaning that you can conduct training exercises in an efficient, flexible and inexpensive way whilst expanding the student experience. The possibilities for mixed reality training are endless.

F.R.S.T (First Responder)

Vehicle Recovery Training