Communication Security

COMSEC is a component of Information Assurance that deals with measures and controls taken to deny unauthorized persons information derived from telecommunications and to ensure the authenticity of such telecommunications. COMSEC includes cryptographic security, transmission security, emissions security, and physical security of COMSEC material.


Developed by the HELIX team, HELIX OS™ transforms an Android mobile phone into an unbreakable communications device using a custom encrypted operating system and using HELIX OS™ multi layered advanced encryption for communications.

HELIX uses encrypted packets of data for transmitting voice and messages across our statically located relay servers that are based in countries that have the strictest privacy laws in the world, preventing any outside parties any access. No voice or data is stored anywhere on your network making our service totally anonymous.

If you would like our team to build your own private encrypted mobile carrier network for you to operate:

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Developed by the GOLD LOCK™ team, VAULT OS™ transforms an android mobile in an un-hackable communication device, using GOLD LOCK™ 4G

PROTECT - VAULT OS™ provides an impenetrable Vault clear of Viruses, Spyware, Trojans & Ransomware

SECURE - VAULT OS™ achieves this by disabling unsecure phone features including Standard Calls, SMS, Browsing, Bluetooth, Uploads, Downloads, GPS and Camera.

ENCRYPT - VAULT OS™ utilises GOLD LOCK™ 4G. Triple layer encryption using advanced algorithms, Key changes every few seconds - no backdoors, Visible hash codes - prevents mitm attacks, Encrypts voice, chat and push to talk, Secure conference, chat and push to talk, Contacts stored on a secure server, not on phone and Works on all data networks globally

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