Cyber Intelligence

Why Active Cyber Intelligence?

The current technology era has created significant challenges for law enforcement agencies to fight severe crime and terror activity. Criminal organizations use new mobile and internet technologies like highly secure and encrypted public communication channels. Traditional LI technologies cannot tap nor track targets in the new communication systems, making law enforcement agencies completely blind. Since tapping communication lines is of no use due to strong encryptions, new advanced intelligence tools are required to reopen the eyes and ears of security agencies. These tools have to penetrate the communication devices (smartphones and tablets), collect the stored data and tap real-time voice or data conversation.

Our Active Cyber solution enables remote penetration into the operating system of the target's mobile device and collects all stored data over time (emails, IM sessions, social media, contacts, and any information stored on the device).

Benefits of Active Cyber Solution

Active Cyber enables law enforcement and intelligence agencies to reach the most useful and relevant information and retrieve it without the target's knowledge. Installation of Active Cyber on target devices is performed using various vectors, which enables seamless and untraceable installation.

Discovery of incriminating and exact evidences - traditional intelligence solutions are frequently indecisive and can be interpreted in various ways. Using Active Cyber, agencies can retrieve the most beneficial and valuable information, which can lead to exposure of criminal activity.

Identification of contacts and accomplices - in most cases we are not familiar with the targets' entire organization structure and their partners in crime. Using Active Cyber, operators can map the targets' associates who they are actively in contact with.

Intelligence is more than text - as well as retrieving text and chats, our Active Cyber solution enables Voice & VOIP recording and extraction of all media files including metadata. This enables further investigation and provides additional evidence, such as the location and time that a certain image was taken.

Ongoing Active Cyber operation - installing our Active Cyber solution on targeted devices enables intelligence agencies to have strategic capabilities and continual surveillance to extract device data over time.

Actively manage data collection - our Active Cyber solution enables agencies to manage and operate the target's device sensors. For example, this will enable agencies to get sound recording of their targets whilst a meeting with their accomplices is in progress.

Cyber Investigation

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