Cyber and Forensics Training Programs

Your greatest security threat is not a sophisticated zero-day exploit or hacktivist - it is unsuspecting employees. Failure to deliver effective cybersecurity awareness and basic online hygiene is making companies all over the world suffer huge financial losses to avoidable human error.

To prevent this, to ensure your company and its operations are always secure, Pegasus Intelligence brings you a range of bespoke essential training programs. We increase the cyber-awareness of your employees, regardless of their job role or responsibility. Our highly flexible and fully customizable programs prepare your staff for the front line of cyber defence.


A data breach could cost you an average of $3.86 million! (Cost of a Data Breach Study, IBM 2017) In case of a breach, the most important thing is to correctly handle, analyze and interpret the evidence.

Our Digital Forensics experts locate, compile, analyze and interpret data across devices, effectively mapping and documenting the chain of events. We recover, investigate, preserve and evaluate evidence. We will help you isolate the vulnerability, identify the offender, and implement an effective solution to mitigate future incidents. We know prompt access, accurate analysis, and quick, effective action is critical to safeguarding your business - which is why you can rest your case with Pegasus Intelligence.


Not having a robust and evolving cybersecurity posture can lead to disaster! Your network may contain hidden threats, just waiting to be activated. To protect you, Pegasus Intelligence actively analyses your systems and networks, identifying and locating vulnerabilities, suspicious activity, and compromise indicators. Using a wide range of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) recognition to cyber threat intelligence, we make sure your company and its operations are always secure.

Data Driven - We collect data from many different sources, analyze them, and accurately identify threats to your network, system and operations.

Entity Driven - Our experts can help you identify entities in your system that attackers exploit and protect them while also searching extensively for threats

Intel Driven - We acquire information about threats from various internal and external sources and hunt for threats and threat actors beyond your networks, keeping you safe.

TTP Driven - We use the latest information and intelligence gathered from different sources about the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) used by attackers. With this information, we take charge of your protection, making it unbeatable!

Hybrid - We can also customize our expert Cybersecurity solutions and build hybrid capabilities tailor-made for your organization. This way, Pegasus Intelligence can help to protect you from zero-day and future threats.


Get a complete and comprehensive approach to your forensic investigations - get the Pegasus Intelligence computer forensics service! We use the most advanced cloning techniques to recover all forms of digital evidence; we accurately recreate past events so that you can take the appropriate action. Our forensic experts observe the highest standards and latest methodologies to ensure the complete integrity of the chain of custody.

PC/Laptop/Server - We perform full forensic data extraction and extensive data analysis across all non-proprietary operating systems and file types to compile, interpret, and present conclusive evidence.

Memory Devices - Worried about a compromised USB, external hard drive or disc? We can access, analyze and interpret data from memory devices of all kinds, getting you all the evidence you need.

CCTV/Access Control - Our experts access and analyze CCTV footage and Access Control data across multiple sites to secure, formulate, and present evidence to enable you to respond to an incident effectively.

Mobile/Tablet - We look at all data sets (like emails, documents, media files, and location data) on cell phones, tablets, and other handheld devices to extract and analyze the evidence

Printers/Scanners/MFD - Do you have a printer, scanner or similar device that has been hacked? No matter the make or model of your machine, we extract the data and acquire the evidence.


Denial of Service (DoS) attacks denied users access to networks, disrupting your business and damaging your reputation. Our response teams restore complete service quickly and efficiently, reducing your downtime, preventing your loss..

Denial of Services - Denial of Service (DoS) attacks denied users access to networks, disrupting your business and damaging your reputation. Our response teams restore complete service quickly and efficiently, reducing your downtime, preventing your loss.

MITM - In a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack, attackers can intercept and record your communication, exploiting this information in real time. Our solutions mitigate the risk and shield your communications from would-be attackers.

APT - Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are when attackers access your network and remain hidden for extended periods of time, stealing data at will. Our experts hunt and remove these unwanted threats and protect your system from exploitation.

Malware - This threat tricks users into accepting or opening malicious files or triggers (called 'baits') that then infect your system. Our team can protect you against malicious applications and reduces the potential damage caused.

Phishing Training

Employees are the last line of defence. This is why education, know-how testing, and the active involvement of employees in your cyber defence are essential components of your IT strategy. We allow companies to take on the role of an attacker to discover and eliminate existing weaknesses in both the technical infrastructure and the staff.

With a variety of predefined, multilingual attack simulations (phishing, malware, smishing, USB attacks, etc.) you can test whether your employees are really familiar with the dangers of the Internet. We provide a “safe learning environment” where employees can experience what real attacks would feel like. We enable you to simulate the full threat landscape that goes beyond just simple phishing emails:

  • Ransomware simulations
  • Portable Media Attacks (USB, CD, etc.)
  • Malware Simulations (Office macros, Java, etc.)
  • File-Based Attacks (PDF, Audio, etc.)
  • Spoofing Attacks (Website Cloner, SMS & Mail spoofing)
  • and many more...


Our cybersecurity Management Training and Awareness programs give your corporate executives the appropriate level of knowledge to understand the cyber threat landscape. Pegasus Intelligence trains them to know the best way of responding to an incident. We equip them to protect your organization from cyber attacks, no matter when and how they occur!

First Responder

Your First Responders are your armour. Training and equipping them to react correctly and manage a cyber attack decide your organization's survival. Pegasus Intelligence enables first responders to analyze and recognize threats, create proactive response plans, and execute them effectively in good time.

End User

By training end-users on the most basic cybersecurity weaknesses, Pegasus Intelligence arms them to recognize and prevent potentially catastrophic attacks.


Vulnerability Research - Vulnerability Research is the process of analyzing a product, protocol, or algorithm - or set of related products - to find, understand or exploit one or more vulnerabilities. Vulnerability research can but does not always involve reverse engineering, code review, static and dynamic analysis, fuzzing and debugging.

Malware Development - Malware is a catch-all term for any type of malicious software designed to harm or exploit any programmable device, service or network. Typically used to extract data that they can leverage over victims for financial gain.

Exploit Development - Cyber and Forensic Training page - at the very end just need to add after Exploit Development “Exploit development is the development of scripts or programs that can take advantage of (exploit) memory corruption vulnerabilities in software