Introducing Tesseract Telegram: Unveiling Insights for Enhanced Security. Tesseract Telegram is a powerful tool designed to provide you with unparalleled access to Telegram content, including deleted posts and private messages. By analysing data from Telegram and instantly making it searchable, our platform offers a wide range of features to empower your security efforts.

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Discover Valuable Insights

With our innovative 'File' search functionality and the ability to explore 'Groups,' you can unlock a wealth of high-quality seeds and intelligence. From uncovering government documents to exposing terrorist activities and threats to national security, our comprehensive files encompass various document types and a variety of content, such as documents, photos, videos, and more, found within Telegram chats or entire accounts.

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Enhanced Attack Surface Management

Monitoring Telegram in real-time allows companies to stay vigilant and swiftly detect data breaches or malicious cam-paigns. By keeping track of your business's mentions on Telegram, our tool enables cyber security professionals to react proactively and with precision.

Extensive Coverage

Our Telegram analytics platform boasts a continually expanding user and channel coverage. Currently, we have data on an impressive 94,657,033 users and cover 2,085,573 channels and groups. Among these are approximately 60,000 private channels and groups predominantly associated with hacking and fraudulent activities.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

We offer real-time data, updates, and upgrades based on your specific requirements. Our pricing is affordable and flexible, accommodating all budgets. With our dedication to your success, you can expect exceptional customer and technical support, threat intelligence response, and high-quality work.

Advanced Searching Filtering Capabilities:"

Leverage our tool's capabilities to search the vast amount of Telegram data harvested. Perform advanced information filtering and set up alerts to stay informed. Whether you need to search for posts, files, user data, or channel profiles, our tool supports regex, logical, and bulk search options.

Organized Categories
Simplified Searches

To enhance your search experience, all channels and groups are neatly organized into 30 distinct categories, allowing for efficient and targeted exploration. These categories encompass a wide range of content, such as Hacking, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Cyber Security, Investing, IT, Political, Counterfeits, Weapons, Adult content, Gambling, Advertising, Religion & Spirituality, Education, Fashion, Entertainment, Blogs & Vlogs, Books & Comics, Gaming, Movies, Music, Science, Lifestyle, Events, Art, Design & Architecture, Sports, Cooking, and Travelling & Tourism. With this streamlined categorization system, finding relevant information has never been easier.

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Additional Modules

Expand your capabilities with our additional modules, designed to provide even deeper insights:

  • Breached databases: Stay updated with a constantly refreshed list of over 15.9 billion leaked credentials.
  • Forum search: Access a vast collection of over 780 cybercrime forums, covering both the clear and deep web.
  • User search: Gain additional user information through clear web forums and apps.
  • Tag search: Explore real-time financial data, including bins, bank cards, crypto wallets, as well as IP addresses, domains, and phones found in Telegram and external sources.
  • Stealer log search: Identify compromised machines through searching logs, enabling proactive measures to protect corporate networks.
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User-Friendly Interface and API Access

Our service offers a white-label solution, with both a user-friendly web interface and a comprehensive API. Accessing our platform is seamless, ensuring a smooth experience for all users.

Choose Tesseract Telegram for unparalleled access, comprehensive insights, and a robust set of tools to fortify your security posture.

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