OSINT is a crucial part of Intelligence gathering for any organization. Our team focuses on a range of solutions depending on the clients' operational objectives. Our solutions cover mass media analysis, fake news/profile detection, targeted profiling and Dark Web analysis.

Athena Data Enrichment

If you are an organisation or commercial business that needs to deeply understand your investigated entities, identify future entities of interest and highly personalise your next strategic and/or tactical interaction with them, you need our Athena OSINT multi-dimensional data enrichment engine.

Athena OSINT provides an end-to-end data enrichment solution that collects, analyses and can quickly format the results of an investigation in an easy-to-read report. It is discreet with complete and comprehensive network source anonymisation and encryption which provides actionable insights with a low digital signature. Designed from the ground up to be an intuitive and cost-effective system that provides rapid results to the end user without relying on highly skilled analysts.

From data enrichment, across the surface and deep web to relationship analysis and much more, Athena OSINT has all your requirements covered.

Available as a report service or as a SaaS subscription

Athena OSINT information

Fake Profile Detection and Analysis

In the new age of social media and advertising people are finding it more difficult to distinguish between fake or real accounts. Fake accounts and Deepfakes are spreading propaganda and fake news meaning that social media is now being used as a weapon to manipulate public opinion and change consumer behaviors.

Pegasus offers a solution to combat the threat of fake news and disinformation that causes irreversible losses to companies and the public sector in the form of lost revenue, reputation, and trust.

Our solution can raise the alarm at the earliest stage of execution and advises on counter measures to mitigate financial and reputational impact for brands, services, and public sector organizations following fake and negative content being allowed to spread online.

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Investigating the Dark Net and Deep Web

Our solution offers access to the world's largest commercially available database of darknet and deep web content, enabling you to access, collect, and visualise darknet intelligence safely and securely.

With an ever-growing need for Governments and Law Enforcement Agencies to find criminals and criminal activity on the darknet our solution provides a quick and easy way to interrogate between 1 billion URLS and 10 to 15 million darknet domains daily. Businesses are also increasingly fighting a battle to protect their Intellectual property and stay abreast of new vulnerabilities being sold in underground marketplaces.

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