Shadow Cyber Services

Our Shadow Cyber services involves several phases of operations, deep OSINT, operation planning, creation of infrastructures, identities, avatars and engagement.

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Trojans and Malware

The ease of use of the person mobile phone has made it the preferred communication tool for most private & business people to share their personal information. We provide the ability to expose these public network flaws.

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Cyber Investigation

Our bespoke services are tailored to the client requirements and mission objectives. Please see our brochure for case studies.

Spid3r Case Studies

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DDoS Pen Testing

DDoS Pen Testing is an attacking tool against hostile WEB sites. This is a software which is designed to halt the use of unauthorized and unwarranted websites in the service of hostile organizations worldwide. A weapon designated to act against hostile content, such as ISIS propaganda for instance.

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PC Intrusion & Monitoring

Traditional Lawful Interception solutions face new challenges that can only be solved by using active systems like DTI. When DTI is installed on a computer system it can be remotely controlled and accessed as soon as it is connected to the internet/network, no matter where in the world the Target System is based.